Workshops with Yvette Marie-Claire Guy

The workshops are designed to increase your knowledge of the power of your mind!

Although three of the workshops appear to be esoteric in nature, they are without a doubt created to provide you, the participant, proof about the awesome reality of your creative mental powers!

It is time to move away from dependency on tools.

Adversary Clearing

Adversaries are from our genetic line. They attempt to, and often succeed, in stopping us from doing what we really want to do in our life. Adversaries sabotage us by increasing our fears and limiting beliefs based on their negative emotional response.

Their intent is to keep us protected and to stop us from making choices which can hurt us based on their own personal emotional pain. This can keep us from making clear decisions based on our own personal knowledge. Seven generations of Adversaries can influence us and our family.

Learn a simple technique to rid yourself of inherited genetic influences.

What participants have said about this workshop:

  • It's truly incredible, how light I feel. I certainly feel the difference.
S. Vancouver, BC

  • An amazing technique and one I use a lot now, especially since I do so much emotional clearing work. If memories trigger and/or activates an adversary, I use this effective method immediately to clear the adversary.
Anonymous, Vancouver, BC

  • Thank you again for the wonderful tool you provided for us on Saturday evening (April 8/00). I am looking forward to being able to use this method when needed. I particularly am grateful to have the process in writing. Again I thank you for assisting me to have the most wonderful sleep experienced in a long time. Graciously yours,
Colli K. Christante, White Rock, BC

  • Whilst we did the exercise I felt a gentle pulsating as the energy passed through me. After I felt normal no effect. That night I slept so well, when I awoke I felt as though I had a cold coming I had a real chill, as midday approached I felt fine, later I had a real infusion of energy and did a lot of planning. Since the exercise I feel very clear and in command I want this feeling to continue, it is very nice. Thank you.
Gordon, Vancouver, BC

Creating Energy Columns of Light

Learn how to create and change the energy in your home and office.

Use the energy to clear your body of dis-comfort. You will be asked to actively take part in creating energy columns of light which you will be able to feel/sense with your hands. You will then transfer the column to your home or office. Detailed written information will be given to each participant. There are guidelines on the use of columns to ensure that people's rights are not violated or infringed upon which will be discussed in the class to prepare each participant before they create their column of light. Come prepared to have fun and play with energy.

What participants have said about this workshop:

  • My children who are 3 and 4 constantly argue. After I put in the column of light, they stopped fighting, and are more stable and loving toward each other. I'm truly amazed!
C., Rochester, NY
  • I've used this technique to clear my home which is now welcoming and free of stress.
R.W., Hull, Qc
  • Setting the energy in my Yoga Centre has made a tremendous difference to my students, they feel lighter and the enrollment increased in all my classes since installing the Column of Light in my Centre.
L.P., Hull, Qc
  • After a hard day, I spend time in my personal column of light and have noticed the stress leaving my body and becoming more energized.
Anonymous, Ottawa, On
  • I am a nurse and have found the hospital energy to be heavy and depressing for both staff and patients. Since putting a Column of Light in the hospital, I've noticed a huge difference in the atmosphere and patients are resting more comfortably.
Anonymous, Gatineau, Qc

Vibrational Rates of Organs

Learn what the Vibrational Rates are and how you can keep yourself in better health.

Dr. Ernst Lecher found that measuring energy with magnetics or electricity was unreliable and unstable. In 1890, he discovered a method to accurately measure energy. In 1975, German Physicists came upon Dr. Lecher's work and created the Lecher Antenna.

The different vibrational rates of the organs, have been studied for two years in Germany before being released as "known" vibrational rates. These vibrational rates will be provided to you in written form at the workshop. The Lecher Antenna is not used in this workshop as a tool to depend upon, but as a tool to demonstrate your own untapped power to bring your body into health.

You will be given the opportunity to verify the functioning of specific organs of your choosing. You will be shown how to correct a specific organ and then retested to verify the result. Time is also spent showing you how to eradicate dis-ease out of your energy field. Dis-ease starts in the energy field before it moves into the physical body.

The Lecher Antenna is not for sale as you do not need one to create a healthy body. Simply come prepared to use your wonderful mind!

What participants have said about this workshop:

  • I was sceptical, I sat in the workshop with my arms crossed in an attitude of prove it to me. When it came to my turn to check out my lungs, I was amazed, I could actually feel my lungs becoming freer and my breathing getting better, after the correction.
B.K. Rochester, NY
  • Itís so simple, effective and it works!
Anonymous, Ottawa, On

Subconscious Belief Reprogramming

Get what you want out of life . . . Do it for you!

This six hour workshop will teach you how to IDENTIFY and CHANGE your subconscious beliefs which are stopping you from getting what you want out of life.

A practical workshop complete with detailed written instructions.

Learn simple techniques which work.

Adding affirmations into your subconscious DOES NOT change your beliefs but simply adds another belief which may create additional stress in your life.

Find out how to rewrite your old beliefs.

What participants have said about this workshop:

  • I am truly amazed about the power of this technique and how quickly things start changing. Even before I finished creating the list of what I wanted, quite a few things started coming forward.
L.C., Vancouver, BC

  • The power of wording is so truly important and amazing. Rewriting the old beliefs is incredibly powerful.
J.G., Vancouver, BC