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Training Course for the Etheric Body Repair

You will gain all the knowledge and research that my 16 years of training from my Spirit Guides have taught me. As well you learn how to connect very strongly with your own Spirit Guide Team.

This 14 hour Intensive Training Course will provide you with practical grounded and spiritual information on how to accurately access the Etheric body in order to repair it. Learn to provide your clients with a safe environment and assist them to repair and maintain the state of their Etheric Body.

Advanced registration Fee $500.00   $550.00

Coming Soon . . .

I've had requests to record the workshops that I've run in the past, especially since I can't be all over the place at once. The audio cassette will give interested participants an opportunity to work with energy in a balanced and fun way.

The first of the series will be the "Columns of Light".

Learn how to create wonderful healing refreshing energy in your home and office.

Use the energy to clear your body of dis-comfort. This workshop teaches you how to create these unique columns of light which you will be able to feel/sense with your hands.

You will then transfer the column to your home or office.

There are guidelines on the use of columns to ensure that people's rights are not violated or infringed upon which will be discussed on the cassette to prepare each participant before they create their column of light.

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