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It's a wonderful thing to be able to make choices from a solid and confident foundation.

Since working with Yvette, I've felt firmly bonded and reconnected to myself and I've been able to deal with adversity and conflict with an inner peace and strength knowing that my actions and decisions are right for me.

Healing the Etheric Body, defusing core issues and bonding to your true essential self are important processes in the journey to self development.

R., Vancouver, BC - 2000

Throughout the past few years I've tried many of the different techniques available for coming to terms with emotional issues and/or physical problems.

I've been very fortunate to have received the Etheric Body Repair, as well as The Bonding Technique, and several One Brain Defusions from Yvette.

I'm happy that I had the Etheric Body Repair first, because it has allowed me to facilitate a deeper awareness and understanding as well as accelerated my healing on other levels.

I highly recommend any of these techniques to anyone searching for a greater understanding of who they are and how they can deal with the issues that arise everyday in our lives.

Tarie Tennessey - Vancouver, BC - 2000

How deeply grateful I am for this transformative and groundbreaking work I've accomplished. The biggest fundamental breakthrough is I am now "in my body", "grounded" and living from the center of my being.

I feel a strong sense of safety, trust, communication and encouragement - all essential to growth and healing. Yvette is a remarkable Lightworker, certainly a leader in her field.

John Paul - Vancouver, BC - 2000

I am a trained health practitioner. Through the thousands of hours of tutoring and practicum that I have taken, I have come to know what will hold true and what will fall away with the latest trends.

Over the years I have been fortunate to experience many different styles of therapeutic healing, from local and international well respected practitioners.

Along with these, Yvette Guy's light shines consistently bright. It is with great pleasure I give you both the recommendation and the urging to experience her sessions. I have personally found great solace in Yvette's compassionate wisdom.

Apatcia Maire Leo - Vancouver, BC - 2000

I'm a mother of two teenage boys. Since doing a One Brain, Childhood Fear/Phobia defusion, my fears lessened and I've noticed that my sons are also much more at ease and more confident in their everyday behaviour and activities. I highly recommend that parents clear their issues to help their children.

LC - Burnaby, BC. - 2000

On Sept 24, 1999, I attended a 1-1/2 hour information session which was presented by Yvette. During that time noticed that my shoulder, which had always been painful since it had been operated on, stopped hurting. I didn't want to say anything to Yvette until I felt sure that it would stay that way. I told all my friends and family about this strange phenomena and they told me to call and tell her, which I did on October 2, 1999. I don't know what you did, but thank you.

S.B., Vancouver, BC - 1999

I'm a Yoga Instructor
, I have found the Etheric Body Repair allowed me to speed up my healing process. I highly recommend this experience for everyone. She does great work. Blessings to Yvette for pioneering Etheric work.

Sheri MacLeod, Deep Cove, BC

I am an International Past Life Portrait Artist
who works with pastel chalk and due to the amount of chalk I have inadvertedly inhaled over the years I was having major trouble breathing. Two days after the session my breathing improved dramatically, no wheezing and more energy.

On another occasion, my right shoulder was extremely sore. I'm right-handed and keep my arm up to draw ... I could not get relief from any other therapy. In the etheric session, it was discovered that the connections from my shoulder almost down to my waist on the right side were damaged/severed, and the arm was almost beyond repair. Since the session I have experienced no pain and have total mobility of my arm ... a great relief.

J.Lee Hall - Williamsville, NY

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and own a Spiritual/ Metaphysical book shop. Having gone to chiropractors, podiatrists and reflexologists for my feet, I still could not get relief from the pain in the balls of my feet. I thought it was the way I had been standing/crouching while gardening. This problem had been going on for two months.

Since the etheric session in May 1997, my feet feel like new ... thank you - you are an incredible facilitator.

Kathy Greene - Tonawanda, NY

I have been working on myself for sometime and tried everything to heal my body and decided to call and make an appointment with Yvette. It had been physically impossible for me to lie down without experiencing pain. During the session in which I had to lie down for a little over an hour, there was NO PAIN at all, I was amazed. After the session, Yvette went over the printed information that she gives everyone on "How to keep your Etheric Body into Wellness". Several days later, I woke up and experienced some pain in my neck. I took out the sheet and did the things on the page and my neck pain cleared up. It works.

R. R., Vancouver, BC - 1999

My mother told me that I was a miracle baby. I spent more time in and out of hospitals. My spine was crooked, my feet were a mess, I had no balance, when I walked, on occasion, I had to touch the wall for balance, at times I would fall, or trip for no apparent reason. I did not know if this would help me, but I was running out of options.

During the etheric session is was discovered that my entire energy system was off center by almost 45 degrees and leaned toward the right. My chakras were badly damaged, and the chakras in the back were basically non-existent. While the etheric body was being straightened, I could feel my spine straightening out. My energy field was also too short and it was lengthened. I no longer have a balance problem, I can feel my feet and they feel wonderful, I can't wait to see my podiatrist ... I can run and I now have more energy than before ... I am so glad I met you, these sessions are a miracle.

S.P. - Aylmer, Qc (Canada)

For as long as I can remember, I have had problems with my balance and coordination. I would be walking and without warning, I would fall flat on my face. I was hospitalized frequently as a baby. I have also been going deaf in my left ear. My hips also hurt a lot and when I walked, it felt like I had sand grinding in my knees. Throughout my life I suffered from depression and feeling like I did not belong here.

Now at the age of 58, I have taken up tennis (and I can hit the ball), I feel like I have the body of a 30-year-old, my hips and knees have never felt better, I can run, jump and have coordination. I thank God that I met you.

A.C. - Ottawa, On (Canada)

Several clients have reported that since their session, in which the root chakra was replaced/repaired, they no longer experience feelings of depression or melancholy.