The Etheric Body, the Soul and Past Lives

By Yvette Marie-Claire Guy

Yvette Guy - 613 897- 4222

How do we know that the Etheric Body and the Soul are partners? It is true that knowledge about the etheric body and the soul for many is based on a "theory" sometimes a deep knowingness or from information gathered from books.

Many clients have asked me why do we come back with memories or injuries from past lives? I could only explain the "theory" which I felt to be true! A reality or confirmation was made for me on December 29, 1997.

My brother died of a massive heart attack on December 26, 1997. He did not wish to be helped and the only support I could give him was to care from a distance and to be available for help should he require it.

When he died, it was really painful for me to leave his Etheric Body/Soul with the memories of the pain of the heart attack. I tried to connect with him or his soul and found him to be confused and scattered. In a meditation I asked my Spirit Guides if it would be appropriate to try to heal his Etheric Body now that he had passed on and received a "Yes". I didn't know how it could be possible, my logical mind was saying its only a "theory - an experiment" but I was determined to try.

On December 29, 1997, at the funeral home, I arranged for some time alone at the coffin. I knew that his body was not embalmed so, what ever energy I picked up would be him or his clothing.

Upon placing my left hand on his forehead, I received a shock as to how cold his body was. I ran my right hand over his body and felt nothing but the colour of the clothing. After pulling down a column of light down and around the coffin, I invited his soul to come down to his body. My niece came and stood beside me and at that moment an incredible amount of heat landed on his heart and solar plexus and my niece said: "Oh my god, I can feel him, he's here!" I looked at her and totally in awe said: "Imagine that."

I felt the pain of his heart attack and through the work of my wonderful spirit guides released the memory and pain from his body. It took no more than 2 minutes if that, then the energy of his soul left - his body returned to being ice cold.

That night there was an overwhelming sense of peace and when I connected with his soul, I saw him cross over to the other side (leaving the physical plane).

Later that week I encountered a healer who saw a heart attack in my body. She told me that I had better do something about my health or I would die of a heart attack. At that time, I wasn't pleased to hear what she told, me and informed her what she saw was my brother's heart attack. I had to pass his pain through my body to release it since he was dead he could not release it himself. I now know that if she hadn't told me what she saw, I would not have had the confirmation that the "experiment" was successful.

The practical side of me is now in total acknowledgment that the Etheric Body does truly belong to the Soul that when a person dies, his etheric body does really go with the Soul. It is no longer a theory but a fact in my mind.

The precious gift of knowledge which my brother's soul gave me has given me the strength, courage and conviction that the Etheric Body Repair is an essential part of our well being and has pushed me into my practice full time. I have been developing and working with this powerful healing tool since 1984.