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...from your Angels, Spirit Guides or Deceased to Lift your Soul/Spirit

Each message is very individual and unique to you! As with any automatic or channeled writing, there is no pre-information given as to who the sender of the message is. Sometimes it comes from your higher self, or an angel to give you hope and inspiration, or from a deceased loved one or pet – to alleviate your pain of your loved one’s or pet’s passing, etc. . . .

Sometimes clients are given instructions on how long to read the message/poem. As I said, they are very unique, some playful, delightful, encouraging and always uplifting . . .

How do you order your message?

Please send:

  • a Money Order in Canadian funds $15.00 (it must be in Canadian dollars);
  • name and address; and
  • a picture of you - the picture will be returned to you!

Yvette Guy
62 rue Hotel de Ville
Hull, Qc
J8X 2E2

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery!

Releasing Genetic Influences
(formerly called
The Adversary Clearing Workshop)

Many requests have been made to have this Clearing Technique recorded on Audio Cassette.

Clients have said it is difficult to stay focused and alert while attempting to clear the Genetically Inherited Adversaries by themselves.

There are many reasons to release Genetic Influences on a regular basis and sometimes all we need is a little guidance to remember the sequence.

One benefit: helps you claim more of your individuality without having "that voice from the past" influencing your decisions.

This 90 minute tape is $20.00 Canadian or $15.00 US.

Add $7.00 within Canada for shipping and handling.

For Shipping and handling rates for overseas or to the USA
please e-mail Yvette.

To order your tape, please send your cheque or money order to along with your name and address to:

62 rue Hotel de Ville
Hull, Qc
J8X 2E2

Make cheque payable to:

Yvette Guy