What is Etheric Body Repair

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What you can expect during a session:

Yvette channels Healing Masters who work with your guides to repair the Etheric Body. She provides a clear conduit through which the Healing Masters observe the Etheric Body and proceed to repair, rebuild, and realign it. You are given a step-by-step description as they work, and the information coming through may assist you in understanding the underlying causes of experiences that you may be having in your life. Some people will have some physical sensations as Yvette is channelling.
After the hands on session, Yvette checks all of your energy fields surrounding your physical body with the Lecher Antenna to verify that they are “in line” with your soul’s purpose. Yvette provides a comfortable environment where you can safely release physical and emotional past-life trauma. You will be supported and cared for by a facilitator who is non-judgmental and non-invasive and who helps direct you toward your path to total self-empowerment.

What is the Etheric Body?

The Etheric Body is the energy field around the physical body. For Yvette Marie-Claire Guy, it encompasses all of the other subtle bodies (emotional, duplicate of the physical, spiritual and mental) as well as the balance between the male and female energies. Some people call it the Aura. Everyone sees the Etheric Body, we make our first impressions on people by what we see. Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself that you did not think you would be able to trust that person?

Your reaction to that person was based on what you saw in the Etheric Body.

Why would you consider an Etheric Body Repair?

Every injury that you have ever experienced in a past life is recorded and stored on the Etheric Body. For example: if you are a 10-year-old in a past life and broke your arm, when you reach the age of 10 in this lifetime you would start to re-experience the broken arm as pain or even re-break your arm in this lifetime.

The Etheric Body influences the physical body into wellness or illhealth, depending on the state of the Etheric Body.

Clients Report:

When the Etheric Body is repaired, and aligned properly, your life starts to get better and faster:
communication improves,
pain is eliminated from the physical body,
more self confidence appears,
greater sense of inner peace, and
much more.

Medical Science:

Doctors do not have all the answers to some of the amazing/strange illnesses that some people are experiencing. For example: A woman came for a session and during the session it was discovered that she was hanged in a previous life time. A piece of rope was removed from her throat. At the end of the session, she said that she was previously unable to gulp down a glass of water.

She had gone to see her doctor, who sent her for cat scan and x-rays and could not find anything wrong. After her session, she was able to gulp down water, also her husband noted that her voice changed and she noticed that she was much more open, confident in her work and actually received a compliment from her boss, about her ability to express herself clearly at an important client meeting, a first for her.

Sometimes the Etheric Body will displace itself, or move around, causing dizziness, nausea, becoming unbalanced or even difficulty in breathing.

The Etheric body can sometimes split into several sections and rotate in different directions causing confusion, and because it is something that doctors do not see or cannot X-ray, they cannot find a solution to the dis-comfort their patient is reporting.

When bones or organs are damaged on the Etheric Level, repairing them on that level improves the physical well-being and eliminates pain.

A client came and during the session was told that her back was broken in a previous life. After the session the client said that she had been seeing an osteopath and massage therapist for 2 years and her osteopath could not get her bones to set, she had never had an accident in her life. Two or three days after her session, she saw her osteopath and 20 points went in easily. One and a half months later her osteopath told her that she is now working with a body which is alive.

The client is now virtually pain free and making tremendous progress and changes in her life.

The Lecher Antenna Session
The principle of measuring energy was discovered by Ernst Lecher in 1890. The Lecher Antenna (as pictured on the right) was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975 based on Dr. Lecher's principle.

the lecher antennaThe Antenna allows the facilitator to read and verify the vibration on the body which before was only perceived as "intuition" and could not be otherwise proven or verified. Now there is an actual tool which measures the energy that emanates from the body's organs, skeletal structure as well as all of the energy fields which surrounds the physical body.

All of the fields, organs, parts of the body and dis-eases have different frequencies which allow the facilitator to determine the physical health of the client.

Is your energetic body properly centered with your physical body?

A misalignment of the bodies creates psychological, physical or mental discomfort and suffering, such as:
lack of energy;
inability to take action;
exhaustion even after a good rest;
loss of the joy of living;
susceptibility to overwhelming emotion;
inability to successfully resolve troublesome situations.

When your energetic body and your physical body are well aligned you;
recover your full potential;
are revitalizes by healthful sleep;
are able to comprehend and respond properly to personal situations;
go on to attain your goals;
feel the natural strength within your body;
are attuned to the right changes for Love, Progress, Prosperity, Health, Satisfaction, Empowerment, Money, Happiness.

Are your fields surrounding your body at their optimum distance from your physical body?

There are four fields surrounding your body the thermic, magnetic, electric, and chromatic. Each field can be measured to locate their distance to your physical body.

The thermic field relates to the heat surrounding the body, the magnetic relates to the yin principle, the electric the yang principle and the chromatic relates to the Spiritual and Mental Bodies.

When the magnetic field is inside of the thermic field you may not have any energy to even think about being creative, may even feel like you have no creativity at all.

When the electric field is inside of the magnetic field, you may have no desire to complete projects. You may be at a stage where all of these creative ideas are formulating in your head, however, you have no energy to put them into action.

When the chromatic field (which relates to the Spiritual and Mental Bodies) is too close to your physical body, you are unable to consciously deter physical dis-comforts or dis-ease. When someone tells you: “you look sick” - you tend to become sick.

When the chromatic field is placed much further than the physical body you are able to deter and eliminate all dis-comforts and dis-eases, which then allows you to ground and heal your physical body.

In the sessions: you are taught how to fix your own energy, you are given detailed notes so that you will “remember” how to fix your own energy.

The rest is up to you.