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What would it be like to have MORE INNER AUTHORITY?

Currently I am in Ottawa/Hull area — To make a private appointment please call:

Yvette — (819) 771-8858

Trip information re: Sudbury, Buffalo, Burlington/ Toronto — Will be forthcoming next month. In the meantime, to put your name down for an appointment with Yvette in Sudbury, contact:

Jane — (705) 671-9123

To put your name down for a private appointment with Yvette in Buffalo please call:

Marge — (716) 674-6437 — Please note rates while in the USA are in US Dollars.

To put your name down for a private appointment with Yvette in Burlington/Toronto please call:

Helene — (905) 632-0520

Private appointments

Etheric Body Repair: realigns, reconstructs the Etheric Body, repairs/replaces chakras and also releases unwanted energy which can cause dis-ease in the physical body. Discover how you disconnect from your power source - how to activate your energy so that you are never tired. Session: 2 hours $150.00

One Brain Stress and Emotional Clearing: This method releases Self-Doubt from any issue you have on-going in your life. It allows you to understand your behaviour and the reasons behind your behaviour so that you become empowered to make New Choices. It brings back Respect and the Power of Choice in your life.
Session: 1 hour $75.00 - 1.5 hours $112.00 - 2 hours $150.00

Other Courses / Workshops offered upon request.

Etheric Body Repair Training: Learn this incredible unique healing method. The accumulation of 16 years of training and research will be passed on to you in this course.

Benefits to you:

  • Elevates and increases your vibrational energy.
  • Increases your ability to focus.
  • Increases your healing energy for self and others.
  • Promotes more awareness of your environment.
  • Experience a grounding like no other method.
  • Stronger communication with your spirit guides.
  • Increases more self-confidence with more measurable
    "proof" of your connection to spirit.
This 14 hour Intensive Training Course will provide you with practical grounded and spiritual information on how to accurately access the Etheric body in order to repair it. As well as information to assist others maintain their connection with the universal energy. Learn to provide your clients with a safe environment and assist them to repair and maintain the state of their Etheric Body.

What Students have said about the course:

I thought I knew quite a bit about healing work.... now I've got more of an understanding and feel excited about where this is going to take me... Anonymous

I took this course for personal interest only, or so I thought. What I have discovered is that this course has created in me so much more understanding of who I am and how I can be of service to others. I find myself practicing on my family members and friends. It is their confirmation that I have identified what has been not working for them that made me realize what a gift this course was... M., Vancouver

Three in One Concept's Certification Training

Tools of the Trade — Monthly
Learn effective stress reduction techniques that can help you to make profound gentle changes for yourself. You will learn how to recognize signs of stress in yourself and others. The benefits people gain are unique and awe inspiring to their life and personal transformation. Prerequisites: None Tuition: $225.00** $275.00

Improve Learning Awareness — Monthly
As applied to learning and performance these techniques provide measurable changes in ability and self-image. You'll identify the impact of past negative stress on learning and do something about it: these improvements are permanent benefits.
Prerequisites: Tools of the Trade Tuition: $275.00**

Under the Code — Monthly
Learn people-perception skills you'll find invaluable in understanding yourself and working with others. Learn the Structure/Function approach to improving communication. Prerequisites: Improve Learning Awareness Tuition: $325.00** $375.00

Advanced One Brain — Monthly
This training deals with the truth of dyslexia's emotional cause. It aims to tackle much more profound issues, both personal and professional. It confronts those issues head-on through use of the Behaviour Barometer. Physical blockages reflects Emotional Blockage. A negative perception of the experience of life itself produces dyslexic perception. Prerequisites: Under the Code Tuition: $425.00** $475.00

**A 50% deposit for each of the programs 3 weeks prior to course dates assures registration at the lower Tuition Fee.

For more information on the next course date - please contact Yvette by phone (819) 595-6890 via e-mail.

Choose your Program — 1-Day Certificate Courses

Three in One Concept's One Brain — One Day (7 hour) Short Programs — Cost per one day program $135.00.

What these one day programs will do for you is bring you to a depth of understanding about yourself and others. You will discover more about yourself and your reasons for not giving yourself permission to succeed. Time to acknowledge the brilliance of who you are.

Prerequisites: Tools of the Trade Minimum 6 participants.
Note: S/F = Structure Function

List of One Day Programs:

Allergies Brain/Barometer Denial
Telling The Story WILL-ing ESP Awareness
Brain & S/F No Excuses Jealousy
Compulsive Conduct Abundance Physical Body
Mental Body Emotional Body Essential Body
The X-Factor Body Barometer on the Body Worst Habit, Longest Lie

Non-certificate 2 Hour Workshops Tuition $25.00

Stress & emotions both controlled by the Brain. Why do emotional patterns affect you in a specific way? How can you cope with stress in 30 seconds or less? You will receive a pocket size barometer listing the emotions which you can use to facilitate your emotions. You will learn and gain greater understanding about your brain.

Etheric Body Repair Update. This workshop is for anyone who has had an etheric by Yvette prior to July 1, 2000. You will receive a new "Managing your Etheric Body and Energy" sheet.... and some of the amazing shortcuts to keep your Etheric Body clear of unwanted energy. A demonstration with the Lecher Antenna will show you how well the shortcuts work. Bring a notebook....

In April - 2001 J.Lee Hall had a stroke.

Her prognosis is not the best. She is relearning how to speak and use her right arm with frustration mixed with patience and laughter. J.Lee has blessed many with her talent and her gift.

If you wish to contact J.Lee directly to offer support, she does understand everything that is said and laughs at jokes. If you are in a position to offer monetary donations they would be gratefully appreciated.

You may write to J.Lee Hall:

c/o Annie & Bob Hall
5918 Cliff Trail
San Antonio, Texas USA

Telephone: (210) 256-2293
or send an e-mail.

J.Lee created original paintings of who you were in a past life on velour paper. The faces "appeared" as if by magic on the canvass. She provided, names, dates, places when she told you about each of the lifetimes.

We are all hoping that J.Lee will be able to one day provide paintings again. All our prayers and love are with you J.Lee.