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The BodyTalk System TM

The BodyTalk System is simple, safe, non-invasive and fast. Utilizing his extensive background in energy healing, Dr. John Veltheim developed The BodyTalk System, an extraordinary new medical paradigm, in Brisbane Australia during the mid-1990's. Since then it has been used in countries all over the world and continues to achieve remarkable clinical results.

Applied Kinesiology

(Muscle Testing) is used to challenge a muscle because muscles go weak for a moment when challenged with fear, grief or weak spots in the body. As your BodyTalk Practitioner works through the Protocol designed by Dr. John Veltheim, your muscle (through your innate Wisdom) will give a weak response to places that require re-synchronization at a physical, emotional or symbolic level.

Muscle testing in BodyTalk is so gentle and light. Some people say they can hardly feel the practionner's touch. The client gets to lie down on a massage table during the entire session with their arm (which is being tested) laying by their side.

Muscle testing is a simply a keen observation of your body. If it seems a bit mysterious, be assured that it's not. Take the Aborigines in Australia, for example; if you ask them if the following season will be wet or dry, they are able to tell you. There is no mystery -- it's a simple matter of keenly observing the world around them; they observe the ants: if the ants build their anthills on top, it will be wet (more specifically, there will be four inches of floods because the ants built a four-inch mound before starting their anthill). The mystery is "how do the ants know?" not "how do the aborigines know?" Muscle testing is not a perfect system but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Linking is a technique that connects one aspect of the body to another for re-synchronization. The link is found through muscle testing. Although the BodyTalk Practitioner makes the links silently, s/he is able to connect with your Innate Wisdom and establish areas that require a link. The question is "How does my Innate Wisdom know what the Practitioner is saying if she is doing it silently?"

The answer if best explained by relating what science is trying to explain about "thought form." In order to prove or disprove the power of thought form, the same bacteria was put in two Petrie dishes; one was prayed over and one was not. The bacteria in the Petrie dish that was prayed over grew faster and larger than the bacteria in the dish that was not prayed over. The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study of 990 cardiac patients showing that those who were prayed for fared better than those who were not. The point is, thought form is valid and powerful.

Tapping on the Head is an old Hatha Yoga technique that activates the brain into re-evaluating the state of health with regard to the links being made, and repairing it.

Tapping was clinically proven to activate the brain when Dr. Veltheim attached electrodes to the forehead of clients. He muscle tested to initiate a connection with the Innate Wisdom of his clients, made the required links, and tapped the head, leading to a great deal of brain activity on the biofeedback machine his clients were connected to. During his experimentation, he found that random tapping did not activate the brain, but that tapping done after establishing the links identified by his clients' Innate Wisdom, activated the brain (evidenced by the large peaks and valleys appearing on the biofeedback screen).

Tapping on the Heart

Once the tapping is done on the head, the next step is tap lightly on the heart. Dr. Veltheim found that the treatments wouldn't hold if the tapping was just done on the head, but that they held if he tapped on the heart directly after tapping on the head.

Although the tapping technique is not clearly understood, it appears that tapping on the heart, as an energy center, stores the changes and information that the brain has reevaluated.

Through many means, science has discovered that the heart is more complex than originally thought. A good example of the complexities of the heart is exemplified in the book, A Change of Heart by Claire Sylvia. She was a fit and trim dancer who had never eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken in her life when, six weeks after a heart and lung transplant, she drove straight to KFC and ordered nuggets. She later discovered that the 18-year old who died and donated his heart (the heart she got) had a fondness for nuggets, and in fact, had some in his coat pocket at the time of his death. Other similar experiences have prompted a more in-depth examination of the complexities of the heart.

Deep Breathing

There is a saying in Yoga "perfect breath, perfect health" and BodyTalk System uses deep breathing to facilitate this incredible balancing technique.

The Practitioner will often ask you to breathe deeply because breathing is one of the energy pumps, which expands and contracts (it shifts our body and scans the body during inhalation).

Another Premise

Another Premise that BodyTalk rests upon is that we came to the earth with everything we need to heal. We just need to "tap" into it.

If "Body Chemistry" (deals with infections, viruses, parasites, toxins, food intolerances and allergies) comes up as a priority for you, your navel is used as a "lab" as it is a high energy center (you were connected to your mother through the navel) a Q-tip is moistened with saliva and placed in the navel as your body will be better able to "read" it from there.

If Hydration comes up as a priority, a wet tissue will be placed in the navel, or on an organ or part of the body as designated by your Innate Wisdom to enhance hydration. Sounds crazy? So did acupuncture when it was first introduced to North America what stick needles into my body? Now, on any given day, there are more acupuncture treatments done in the world than western medical treatments.

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What BodyTalk Can Do

BodyTalk has been successfully used with:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatique
  • Stress/Emotional Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Infections, Viruses, Parasites
  • Phobias
  • Pain
  • Menstrual Irregularities
  • Back Pain
  • Learning Disorders
  • Impotence
  • Sports Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Digestive Disorders
Private appointments range from 40 to 1 hour.

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