• feet in the ocean
  • return to the sea
  • Venus Beach
  • the roads
  • Iguanas
  • Collared Anteater
  • boa constrictor
  • the group that shared so much
  • Andreas-Sasha, Menlha-David
  • Heather, Tammy and Crystal, David
  • accommodations and eatery
  • boys in tidal pool
  • cow and green Tara
  • downtown Santa Cruz
  • assorted flowers, tree bark and a spider
  • Catholic Church in Escazu
  • back home on Savary
  • Thank yous

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  • here was my trip to New Zealand 2 years ago

  • thank yous

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    Tammy gave me the door for this trip. She emaiiled me and said "why dont you come", and gave explicit instructions about almost everything to to with Costa Rica, buses, planes and Hacienda del Sol. Sooooo i got on the plane and then took 2 buses and I made it in one piece to Hacienda del Sol.

    Located near the Pacific coastline of the Guanacaste Peninsula, just past San Juanilla on the way to Ostional and Nosara, this 5 acre property can be best described as "in the jungle, near the beach".

    I visited during the final few weeks of the annual Rebalancing Certification Training Program.

    This trip included a New Year and the first full moon of 2004.

    I received 9 massages during my stay, did yoga every morning and then meditated for an hour. We ate the most delicious food as well, thanks to John Paul.